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Target Field Rules! April 29, 2010

We were two of the lucky 38,164 fans to see the first Twins loss at Target Field on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Okay…not exactly lucky since it was also the first time it rained during a game, but it is still very cool to finally get to see the park up close & also to say that we were at the second official game at Target Field! A full recap of the game can be found by clicking here.
First Game at Target Field
Chris’s Review
Yup, another baseball date, but it is Spring! What better way to spend a spring afternoon at the ball park. Taking the day off was worth it even with the constant looming rain delay. The rain delay never came, and luckily our seats were under the huge awning right behind the plate so we never really got wet. I would definitely recommend heading down for weekday game, and having dinner downtown afterward at one of the bars around the park.

Best Part: Having a day off of work in the middle of the week fealt like playing hookey :). Also, the atmosphere after the game in the warehouse district was awesome.

Worst Part: Not feeling at home in the park, yet. It fealt like we were somewhere else, and it didn’t help that it seemed like most of the fans were not paying the most attention to the game. I hope this feeling goes away soon, since the park is so great.


Nikki’s Review
I LOVE OUTDOOR BASEBALL! Especially when our seats stayed dry. We got to the game early enough to walk around the lower level a bit before finding our seats and that was a lot of fun. It will definitely be a while before we figure out where everything we want is…but that’s part of the fun, right?!

Best part of the night: Target Field & Cuddy’s Homerun & Friends & Family & New Hubert’s & The Sign in Center Field

Worst part of the night: The rain & the loss.

RATING: 5+/5

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Husky Hockey Game in St Cloud February 20, 2010

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On Saturday, February 13, 2010 we drove up to St Cloud, MN to attend a men’s hockey game and hang out in downtown St Cloud. There were 8 people total who went to the game and 6 of us stayed overnight at the Kelly Inn which is within walking distance of downtown!
Harry Buffalo
We had Gary’s Pizza & a couple drinks in our hotel room before heading out to MC’s Dugout for a couple more drinks before catching the MC’s shuttle to the National Hockey Center. We got our tickets and headed to our seats, only to find them smack dab in the middle of a section of UND fans. Seriously, we were surrounded!
our section
That would have been fine if the Husky’s had played well, but unfortunately they didn’t. You can read a game re-cap here, but I can tell you in 9 words…UND scores six unanswered goals in the second period. We actually left at the end of the 2nd and walked back to the downtown area. Some of us stayed out for a couple more drinks and others closed the bar down!

Chris’s Review
Hockey was a ton of fun, if only the St cloud state hockey team wouldn’t have given up 6 goals in a period. St cloud is a nice cheap place to go to for a nice weekend away, and being able to do it with friends was great. I would definitely recommend it to try and relive some of the college years. It has been a while since I ate room temp pizza in a hotel hallway at 3 am…

Best Part: Having a few drinks with friends and being able to talk, and hitting the bars in a different town.

Worst Part: Sitting in the UND cheering section, and watching a losing game.


Nikki’s Review
Overall, the night in St Cloud was fun. I wish the hockey team had played better, but what can you do. We did get to meet a couple of Christy’s friends, hang out at a few of my old stomping grounds and only had to walk one way from the Hockey Center!

Best part of the night: The shuttle from MC’s and the first period of the hockey game. Also, Chris was pretty cute when he was drunk. 🙂

Worst part of the night: The second period where UND scored 6 goals to SCSU’s 0.


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Minnesota Monday @ Grumpy’s NE February 5, 2010

Grumpy'sOn Monday, January 18, 2010 we headed over to Grumpy’s in Northeast Minneapolis for a very casual date night. Grumpy’s holds a weekly event titled “Minnesota Monday” where from 7-9 the beers brewed in MN are half off (think Surly, Summit, Grain Belt) and the music is all local artists. Rumor has it that bottles of wine are half off as well from 6-8 for non-beer drinkers. My brother, Josh, happens to host one Monday a month with his co-bloggers at Reviler.org, a local music blog that you should check out, and that’s why we were there.

We arrived shortly before 7 and grabbed a table to chat for a while before playing a couple rowdy games of darts. Chris & I played Cricket ourselves and then we recruited Robyn and their neighbor John to join us in a 4 player round. OK, the games weren’t exactly rowdy, but there was some fierce competition & Robyn has a wild style of playing darts (you’ve been warned)!

Chris’s Review
Fun night out, especially for a Monday. Grumpy’s is a NE staple, that we were pretty sure Nikki’s Grandma had frequented in her hey-day.

Grumpy’s is now updated with some great beers, and a good music Mix on Monday nights. We played darts and hung out with a decent sized group. Nice and relaxing night.

Best Part: The beer, and being able to just hang out. It’s nice being able to head to a bar just to talk with friends.

Worst Part: Pretty packed by the end. Not the most romantic night, but fun.


Nikki’s Review
The first time we went it was just to support Josh, but now I think we’ll keep going back because it’s a fun way to spend a low key Monday evening and still get to bed at a decent time.

Best part of the night: FINALLY hitting a double bulls eye after so many rounds of missing.

Worst part of the night: The bar isn’t huge & we were a bit crowded by the dart board.

Overall, it’s a fun, inexpensive way to spend a Monday night. RATING: 4/5

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