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Brits + Impromptu Twins Game June 17, 2010

On Thursday, May 6, 2010 we were all set to meet Josh & Robyn at Brit’s for their Thursday night trivia. Well, we were delayed by a broken down light rail train but as it turns out trivia was canceled that night due to a couple private parties going on. We decided to eat anyway and had a nice time chatting. Josh & Robyn ended up leaving right after dinner and since the Twins game had just started we decided to walk over and see if we could scalp tickets. You can read all about the Twins game adventure here.
Right Field
Chris’s Review
We met up with Nikki’s brother and girlfriend and hit up Brit’s for some happy hour deals. We had planned on doing some trivia there, but it turned out that they didn’t have it that night. Since we ended dinner a bit early, Nikki and I headed over to Target field to look for somewhere to watch the game. As we were walking it started to drizzle a bit, and so we decided to head over to the stadium and see if we could grab some cheap tickets. As we got closer we stopped and talked to scalpers on the way. At one point we had a guy chasing after us to try and sell the tickets! Once we got close, we found a guy that sold us 2 $25 seats for $20.

Since it was raining we didn’t actually see our seats, we just hung out on the first level under the deck with the heaters. It was great to get in for cheap and watch most of the game. Also was fun just to be spontaneous and just decide the rest of the night.

Best Part: The spontaniety, and just running around downtown for a while.


Nikki’s Review
I was really looking forward to playing trivia (even though I’m horrible at it usually) but it worked out for the best with Josh & Robyn both having long days so hopefully we can reschedule. The Twins game was SO much fun – I think because we didn’t have any expectations. We just wandered around stopping whenever we felt like it.

Best part: Twins game – the views from the concourse are awesome!

Worst part: Paying for light rail tix and not being able to use them.


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Weekend in St Louis March 17, 2010

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We flew down to St. Louis the weekend of March 6, 2010 to visit our friends Shelly & Jeremy! Nikki’s Dad heard about a good flight deal & we were able to both fly round trip for a total of $228 which could not be passed up!! We didn’t have any reason to fly down except to hang out and visit which was awesome. However, we had no problem keeping very busy! We ended up going to Hodak’s, Schlafly Bottleworks (we took the tour!), Forest Park, the Boathouse, the St Louis Zoo and Ted Drewes!
Chris’s Review
We headed down to St Louis with almost no plan, and it worked out great. Our friends down there were in for the same type of weekend, so it was great just to be able to hang out with them. We ended up being able to hit the great St Louis Zoo, walk around one of the main city parks, and just enjoy the good weather. It was perfect to be able to get away for a few days, and I think that Nikki and I were really thankful for the weather, and being able to spend some good times with friends.

With the cheap flights to St Louis right now, I would definitely recommend it as a weekend get away.

Best Part: The weather couldn’t have been better. Definitely being able to sit by the side of a lake at the park to have lunch was great. It’s amazing how much better the weather can be just an hour flight away.

Worst Part: Sitting on the tarmac for almost an hour on both flights… but hey, can’t control everything.

Nikki’s Review
We always have a great time hanging out with Shelly & Jeremy. I’m lucky because Chris and Jeremy hit it off right away which makes it awesome for the 4 of us to hang out! This weekend was different because we didn’t have any set plans and it was nice to have a more relaxed pace. The weather was beautiful, the flight was only an hour (compared to a 9 hr drive!) and the company was fantastic!

Best Part: Lunch outside & walking around at the park and zoo…the temps got up to the 60’s!!

Worst Part: Getting up at 5:45am on Tuesday to fly home. Although, I booked the flights so I guess it’s my fault!


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Black Sheep Pizza & Acme Comedy Co. February 9, 2010

Wednesday (yep – week night out!) February 3, 2010 we met Todd & Patty for a night out in Minneapolis. We had tentative plans to hang out that day when Chris got an email from the Acme Insider announcing “Insider Night” which meant 2 free tickets for each member! Todd & Patty were totally on board and so we each snagged 2 tix for the show. Since you don’t have much of a chance to talk during a comedy show we decided to meet up for dinner at Black Sheep Pizza which is just a few blocks away from Acme.

Chris’s Review
Acme has a good number of free nights during the week available if you join the insider club. We were able to get tickets with a couple of friends, and grabbed dinner at the pretty close, new pizza bar Black Sheep. The brick oven pizza was good, but was maybe a bit too highbrow on the toppings, and not the cheapest either.

Best Part: Great to share a luagh with some friends.

Worst Part: The first comic was almost a total miss, but it didn’t ruin the night. Also, it is a bit tough to talk at Acme… but we had a good chance to catch up at dinner.


Nikki’s Review
It’s always fun to try new restaurants & while the food at Black Sheep was good, I don’t think it was necessarily worth the price. If you’re looking for some unique pizzas, check it out, but arrive early because at 6:45 when we were done there were a lot of people waiting! The comedy show was great – three completely different acts. The first girl was a U of M student & she was very awkward and not very funny. The second girl, Amber Preston, was fantastic – my favorite act of the night. The main act, Henry Phillips, was okay. He presented a lot of his jokes in the form of a song & sometimes that really worked and other times it didn’t seem so great.

Best part of the night: Wedding & honeymoon talk…how can it not be happy?!

Worst part of the night: The opening act. She was very awkward and not funny.

We hope to attend more comedy events in the future. It’s always fun but not necessarily something you think of when looking for something to do!


NOTE: This could be VERY inexpensive if you weren’t drinking. We spent $20 on beer at Acme…leave that out & have an inexpensive dinner and this date could be very frugal but fun!

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Games! February 6, 2010

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AcquireOn Friday January 22 our friends Liz & Casey came over for dinner. We tried a new recipe (after getting their permission) and it was a hit! Dinner was Pomegranate Beef in the Crockpot with mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls on the side. After dinner we played a competitive game of Acquire. As the scores were being tallied, we served up the delicious Chocolate Oreo Cake that Liz & Casey brought. In the end, Chris ended up running away with the game due to some wise investing in American and Worldwide!

Chris’s Review
Making dinner for our friends is always a good time. We ended up making dinner pretty much from scratch, but using a crock pot meal was great. It was nice to have most of dinner done before we got home from work.

Best Part: We played acquire which is one of my favorite games, and it was good to play with some new people, especially ones that used to play it before growing up.

Worst Part: None, great night!


Nikki’s Review
Eating in is such a great way to save money & have a more relaxed evening. We were able to enjoy a delicious meal for 4 people for probably less than $20 and all the alcohol consumed was way cheaper than at a bar too! Acquire is a strategy game and this was only the 2nd time I had played. I’m looking forward to trying out new strategies in the future and, maybe someday scoring higher than Chris!

Best part of the night: Catching up with Liz & Casey over dinner.

Worst part of the night: The icky weather that they had to brave to make it home.

I look forward to having game nights with Liz & Casey (and anyone else!) in the future. RATING: 5/5

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Brave New Workshop: Brett Favre’s Christmas Spectacular – The Immaculate Interception January 15, 2010

For Robyn’s birthday (way back in September!) we decided to give her two tickets to see a show at Brave New Workshop. After some discussion we decided to see the Christmas show but unfortunately were not able to fit it into our schedule prior to the new year. So…Saturday, January 9, 2010 Robyn and Josh joined us for dinner at Green Mill (where you get a 25% discount on food when you show your BNW ticket for that day) and then we caught the late night show.

This year’s Christmas Show was really, really funny. They opened the show with a rap song about the Vikings and Brett Favre and besides one other mention, that was it for Mr. Favre. I think some of the favorites included “The 12 Days of Christmas” sung as My Mother Said to Me and My Father Said to Me in place of “My Truelove Gave to Me”, an attempt at videoconferencing with the parents and a couple skits that included a Santa suit!

We also stuck around for the post-show Improv session which proved to be pretty funny as well! Overall, a very good night filled with quite a few laughs.

Chris’s Review
Dinner with Nikki’s brother and girlfriend was great, and the timing worked out great to make it to the show. We all laughed out loud, and had a great time.

Best Part:Hearing all 4 of us laugh out loud! Sketch comedy is great when it is on, and they did a great job on the Christmas show.

Worst Part:Somewhat expensive… we did plan on a Saturday night, and I know sometimes there can be deals on the weekday shows (join the insider club). The 25% off food at Green Mill helped.

This is a great night for any couple that is just starting to date, or have been dating for a while. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone that gets offended easily. Some of the skits are pretty political, so it may create some conversation after watching. RATING: 4/5

Nikki’s Review
We had been waiting to go to this show for so long that I was worried it might disappoint, but thankfully it didn’t! I guess my memory isn’t great because I didn’t remember most of the skits, but that’s okay!

Best part of the night: The two different versions of the 12 days of Christmas were hilarious and easily my favorite part of the show.

Worst part of the night: We were hoping to get a table in the bar at Green Mill to watch the Wild game but a) the bar was completely full and b) only the Cowboys/Eagles football game was on.

BNW puts on a few different shows each year and all the ones I’ve seen have been funny. The only drawback is that the tickets aren’t cheap, but for a night of good laughs it’s worth splurging every once in a while! RATING: 4/5

Brett Favre’s Christmas Spectacular is showing at Brave New Workshop through January 30, 2010 and you can find other reviews by clicking here.

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