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Brits + Impromptu Twins Game June 17, 2010

On Thursday, May 6, 2010 we were all set to meet Josh & Robyn at Brit’s for their Thursday night trivia. Well, we were delayed by a broken down light rail train but as it turns out trivia was canceled that night due to a couple private parties going on. We decided to eat anyway and had a nice time chatting. Josh & Robyn ended up leaving right after dinner and since the Twins game had just started we decided to walk over and see if we could scalp tickets. You can read all about the Twins game adventure here.
Right Field
Chris’s Review
We met up with Nikki’s brother and girlfriend and hit up Brit’s for some happy hour deals. We had planned on doing some trivia there, but it turned out that they didn’t have it that night. Since we ended dinner a bit early, Nikki and I headed over to Target field to look for somewhere to watch the game. As we were walking it started to drizzle a bit, and so we decided to head over to the stadium and see if we could grab some cheap tickets. As we got closer we stopped and talked to scalpers on the way. At one point we had a guy chasing after us to try and sell the tickets! Once we got close, we found a guy that sold us 2 $25 seats for $20.

Since it was raining we didn’t actually see our seats, we just hung out on the first level under the deck with the heaters. It was great to get in for cheap and watch most of the game. Also was fun just to be spontaneous and just decide the rest of the night.

Best Part: The spontaniety, and just running around downtown for a while.


Nikki’s Review
I was really looking forward to playing trivia (even though I’m horrible at it usually) but it worked out for the best with Josh & Robyn both having long days so hopefully we can reschedule. The Twins game was SO much fun – I think because we didn’t have any expectations. We just wandered around stopping whenever we felt like it.

Best part: Twins game – the views from the concourse are awesome!

Worst part: Paying for light rail tix and not being able to use them.


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Happy Hour Downtown April 30, 2010

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On Friday, April 23, 2010 we decided to not worry about the looming rain threat and instead head downtown for happy hour after work. We took the light rail to the Warehouse District and headed straight for the (new) Kieran’s restaurant. We had a couple beers and shared some appetizers…the Artichoke Dip and the Chicken Shots…and both had clean plates by the time we finished them.

After Kieran’s we walked over to Twins plaza to just look around and wandered through the Twins Pro Shop, wishing we had a tree that grew money the whole time! When it was time for the Twins game to start we headed to Roy Smalley’s 87. There weren’t too many people inside, which meant we had our pick of front row tables for the projection TV. We were a little disappointed we didn’t have more Twins fans to watch the game with, but it was fun anyway. And…the food was GREAT! Chris had fish tacos and Nikki had a burger and both are highly recommended.

We were on the light rail, headed home, by 10:30pm which was a little weird but after being downtown since 5 it seemed like time to go.

Chris’s Review
We live close to the light rail, and decided to try an start a tradition with the new Twins Ball park. We wanted to head to a bar to watch the game (since we don’t have cable) and thought it would be fun to head downtown near the ball park to do it. With the new park a few new sports bars have moved, or opened near the park.

We took the light rail down and had happy hour at a very busy Kieran’s in Block E. After that we headed to the pro shop before the game to look around. We had tried to during on of the games, but the place was way too packed. After that we walked to Roy Smalley’s to have dinner and watch the game, with about 10 other people. The place was pretty empty, even for a week night. We still had a great time watching the game there, and it was good to see that they had it playing. Hopefully over time more people will stick around the park to watch the away games in the future.

Best Part: Having some nice slow paced time with Nikki to walk around and have a few drinks. It was very relaxing not having much of a schedule for the whole night.

Worst Part: Wish more fans were there to watch the game.


Nikki’s Review
I can’t believe we haven’t done this before! It was really fun to just take our time heading downtown, check out Kieran’s for the first time, wander around downtown and have dinner while watching the game. I definitely look forward to doing this again in the future!

Best part of the night: The burger. Seriously, it is possibly the most delicious burger I have ever had!

Worst part of the night: Realizing that Happy Hour ‘deals’ don’t actually make the total bill that much less, especially when you have more than one drink.


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Target Field Rules! April 29, 2010

We were two of the lucky 38,164 fans to see the first Twins loss at Target Field on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Okay…not exactly lucky since it was also the first time it rained during a game, but it is still very cool to finally get to see the park up close & also to say that we were at the second official game at Target Field! A full recap of the game can be found by clicking here.
First Game at Target Field
Chris’s Review
Yup, another baseball date, but it is Spring! What better way to spend a spring afternoon at the ball park. Taking the day off was worth it even with the constant looming rain delay. The rain delay never came, and luckily our seats were under the huge awning right behind the plate so we never really got wet. I would definitely recommend heading down for weekday game, and having dinner downtown afterward at one of the bars around the park.

Best Part: Having a day off of work in the middle of the week fealt like playing hookey :). Also, the atmosphere after the game in the warehouse district was awesome.

Worst Part: Not feeling at home in the park, yet. It fealt like we were somewhere else, and it didn’t help that it seemed like most of the fans were not paying the most attention to the game. I hope this feeling goes away soon, since the park is so great.


Nikki’s Review
I LOVE OUTDOOR BASEBALL! Especially when our seats stayed dry. We got to the game early enough to walk around the lower level a bit before finding our seats and that was a lot of fun. It will definitely be a while before we figure out where everything we want is…but that’s part of the fun, right?!

Best part of the night: Target Field & Cuddy’s Homerun & Friends & Family & New Hubert’s & The Sign in Center Field

Worst part of the night: The rain & the loss.

RATING: 5+/5

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Acadia Cafe & Mixed Blood Theater March 19, 2010

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On Friday, March 12, 2010 we had our date night at Mixed Blood Theater. For dinner before the show we ate at Acadia Cafe which was new to both of us. They have 30 beers on tap (“No crap on Tap”) and a good looking menu too! The show we saw, SOMEBODY/NOBODY, wrapped up earlier this week, but I’m guessing many of the shows are good. We went on a Friday night, but the tickets are half as expensive if you go Wednesday night so I think we’ll try that sometime for an inexpensive night out!

Chris’s Review
I have been to some local theater before, but never to the mixed blood theater. It was overall the standard low budget theater, but I think they are trying for a definite professional feel. The play that we saw was more of a comedy which was nice. Heavy plays can be a little off putting for a first time.

Having dinner and then heading over was great, and we had a really good time, even though it was a bit expensive.

Best Part: Quick dinner and time to talk with Nikki before the play, and having a nice stroll over to the theater.

Worst Part: The cost… the tickets were pretty expensive (~$30 each). I am sure that there are some places out there to get some deals. We did off set it with a pretty good cheap dinner.


Nikki’s Review
I enjoy seeing live theater a lot more than Chris does…but I think we might have found a happy medium. Small theater shows seem more enjoyable to Chris than Broadway musicals so hopefully we’ll be able to find more local theaters to support!

Best part of the night: Dinner at Acadia was delicious & laughing out loud during the show was really fun!

Worst part of the night: There was an old lady who smelled REALLY bad…luckily Chris identified the source before we picked our seats so we could choose some far away from her!


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Black Sheep Pizza & Acme Comedy Co. February 9, 2010

Wednesday (yep – week night out!) February 3, 2010 we met Todd & Patty for a night out in Minneapolis. We had tentative plans to hang out that day when Chris got an email from the Acme Insider announcing “Insider Night” which meant 2 free tickets for each member! Todd & Patty were totally on board and so we each snagged 2 tix for the show. Since you don’t have much of a chance to talk during a comedy show we decided to meet up for dinner at Black Sheep Pizza which is just a few blocks away from Acme.

Chris’s Review
Acme has a good number of free nights during the week available if you join the insider club. We were able to get tickets with a couple of friends, and grabbed dinner at the pretty close, new pizza bar Black Sheep. The brick oven pizza was good, but was maybe a bit too highbrow on the toppings, and not the cheapest either.

Best Part: Great to share a luagh with some friends.

Worst Part: The first comic was almost a total miss, but it didn’t ruin the night. Also, it is a bit tough to talk at Acme… but we had a good chance to catch up at dinner.


Nikki’s Review
It’s always fun to try new restaurants & while the food at Black Sheep was good, I don’t think it was necessarily worth the price. If you’re looking for some unique pizzas, check it out, but arrive early because at 6:45 when we were done there were a lot of people waiting! The comedy show was great – three completely different acts. The first girl was a U of M student & she was very awkward and not very funny. The second girl, Amber Preston, was fantastic – my favorite act of the night. The main act, Henry Phillips, was okay. He presented a lot of his jokes in the form of a song & sometimes that really worked and other times it didn’t seem so great.

Best part of the night: Wedding & honeymoon talk…how can it not be happy?!

Worst part of the night: The opening act. She was very awkward and not funny.

We hope to attend more comedy events in the future. It’s always fun but not necessarily something you think of when looking for something to do!


NOTE: This could be VERY inexpensive if you weren’t drinking. We spent $20 on beer at Acme…leave that out & have an inexpensive dinner and this date could be very frugal but fun!

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