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Dinner & a Movie June 14, 2010

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Dinner & a movie. Pretty common date night, we know. BUT…it’s a good one and it can be relatively inexpensive if planned properly! Monday through Thursday at AMC Theaters you can see any movie for just $5! There is an additional charge for 3D & IMAX, but only the same charge that is added if you see those types of movies at regular price.

We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (free, thanks to a gift card) and then saw Kick-Ass at the Southdale AMC (also free thanks to a gift card).

Chris’s Review
Nikki and I had a quick, but pretty nice date doing the standard dinner and a movie. We hit California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and split a couple of pizzas with some old gift cards we had, and then used more gift cards to watch a movie. Overall a ‘free’ night for us!

Kick-ass is definitely not a date movie, but I enjoyed it overall. Nikki and I have been watching more and more comic book movies over the last few months, but I think this one was a little over the top for Nikki. Definitely need to find some better summer movies that both of us will enjoy.

Best Part: Dinner and just not having a rushed night.

Worst Part: The movie choice… Next time a better date movie will be picked!


Nikki’s Review
Dinner and a movie is a great combination. We were able to sit and have a nice conversation over dinner and then just relax and watch the movie afterward. Kick-Ass isn’t a movie that I planned on liking, at all. However, I didn’t hate it so I figure that’s a win!

Best part of the night: Dinner – CPK is delicious and having a chance to sit and talk to Chris is always good.

Worst part of the night: The movie. I won’t ever watch it again, but I know Chris liked it and so that’s good.


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One Response to “Dinner & a Movie”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Too funny, I love how Nikki set her expectations low with the movie, so only had room to be pleasantly surprised! You two are so great together! Can’t wait for time with you both Thursday. Love you!

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