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Happy Hour Downtown April 30, 2010

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On Friday, April 23, 2010 we decided to not worry about the looming rain threat and instead head downtown for happy hour after work. We took the light rail to the Warehouse District and headed straight for the (new) Kieran’s restaurant. We had a couple beers and shared some appetizers…the Artichoke Dip and the Chicken Shots…and both had clean plates by the time we finished them.

After Kieran’s we walked over to Twins plaza to just look around and wandered through the Twins Pro Shop, wishing we had a tree that grew money the whole time! When it was time for the Twins game to start we headed to Roy Smalley’s 87. There weren’t too many people inside, which meant we had our pick of front row tables for the projection TV. We were a little disappointed we didn’t have more Twins fans to watch the game with, but it was fun anyway. And…the food was GREAT! Chris had fish tacos and Nikki had a burger and both are highly recommended.

We were on the light rail, headed home, by 10:30pm which was a little weird but after being downtown since 5 it seemed like time to go.

Chris’s Review
We live close to the light rail, and decided to try an start a tradition with the new Twins Ball park. We wanted to head to a bar to watch the game (since we don’t have cable) and thought it would be fun to head downtown near the ball park to do it. With the new park a few new sports bars have moved, or opened near the park.

We took the light rail down and had happy hour at a very busy Kieran’s in Block E. After that we headed to the pro shop before the game to look around. We had tried to during on of the games, but the place was way too packed. After that we walked to Roy Smalley’s to have dinner and watch the game, with about 10 other people. The place was pretty empty, even for a week night. We still had a great time watching the game there, and it was good to see that they had it playing. Hopefully over time more people will stick around the park to watch the away games in the future.

Best Part: Having some nice slow paced time with Nikki to walk around and have a few drinks. It was very relaxing not having much of a schedule for the whole night.

Worst Part: Wish more fans were there to watch the game.


Nikki’s Review
I can’t believe we haven’t done this before! It was really fun to just take our time heading downtown, check out Kieran’s for the first time, wander around downtown and have dinner while watching the game. I definitely look forward to doing this again in the future!

Best part of the night: The burger. Seriously, it is possibly the most delicious burger I have ever had!

Worst part of the night: Realizing that Happy Hour ‘deals’ don’t actually make the total bill that much less, especially when you have more than one drink.


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