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Minneapolis Art Institute April 25, 2010

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On Thursday, March 18, 2010 we headed over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to get a dose of culture. The MIA is free every day, but Thursday is the only day they’re open past 5pm which is why we choose to go then. It just so happened that it was the 3rd Thursday as well and that means they brought in a DJ and made it a more casual atmosphere.

One exhibit Nikki was really interested in was Foot In The Door. That is an exhibit that comes to the MIA every 10 years and it allows anyone to submit art as long as it fits within one cubic foot! We saw some very interesting things and were also able to find the photograph that was taken by Nikki’s Dad’s Cousin which was neat. Here are some of the items we saw on the tables:



This is what the walls looked like…and the photo we were looking for is in the middle – the duck one!
And, of course we saw other art too…the Photography area was called “Southern Exposure” and was all photographs of people, places and things in the Southern US. Here are a few other things we found in our adventure:

Party Art

Lobster Phone

Chris’s Review
We have both been to the art institute, but we have never been together. We chose to go over on a Thursday so that we could have a good weekday date without all the crowds at the museum. The square foot installation was fun to see, but was pretty busy. After spending some time there we walked the halls of the almost empty museum, seeing most of the permanent exhibits. We had fun just looking and commenting on the art together, and it was great to not feel rushed at all.

Best Part: The cost, getting in is always free, but we did a donation anyway. Also, since there was a special exhibit going on, it was nice to have many of the areas to ourselves.

Worst Part: None, Great night together just talking.


Nikki’s Review
I’ve realized recently that I’m not really a “museum” person. However, I know Chris enjoys museums so I am working on enjoying them as much as I can! I really liked the Foot In the Door exhibit, probably because I could relate to a lot of the items. If by any chance I remember…in 2020 I’m going to submit something!

Best part of the night: The music – I enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere at the museum. Also, having Chris point out the things that he really likes – it’s very interesting to me. Sometimes I’m surprised and sometimes I’m not!

Worst part of the night: Trying to convince Chris that even though there’s nothing I’m really anxious to see, that I’m also not bored!


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