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Moose Mountain Adventure Golf March 15, 2010

moose mtn

On Monday, February 22, 2010 we headed over to the Mall of America for dinner (at Ruby Tuesday) and some miniature golf at Moose Mountain Adventure Golf. The golf course has construction on hole 6, so we got a $2 discount on our round of golf which made it <$15 total for both of us!

Here are a couple photos from the “adventure”:
first hole


Chris’s Review
Miniature golf was fun, it was almost like we were back to some of our early dates together. The course at the mall is actually pretty well put together, and on the week night that we went we had no problems going through the course at a nice slow pace. It was alos nice to be able to sit down to dinner, without much of a wait. Overall a weekday night at the mall is pretty nice.

Best Part: No crowds! and it was cheaper since they were working on one of the holes, definitely worth 25% off to only play 17 holes. Overall it was actually pretty cheap.

Worst Part: Nikki schooled me on a couple of holes, and I am pretty sure that she had the only hole in one…


Nikki’s Review
It’s weird, but MOA is now my “home” mall. It seems like Chris & I always have better conversation when we’re out at a restaurant than at home, which I guess is something that we should work on. It’s nice not having the distractions of the kitchen at home! I knew the mini-golf was at the Mall but we’ve never tried it & I figured it was at least seeing what it was like. Also, I needed to get my wedding band cleaned/inspected for the warranty so this was a practical trip too. 🙂

Best part of the night: Getting a hole in one! Chris beat me by 4 strokes overall…but I was the only one to get a Hole in One!

Worst part of the night: Lugging our coats through the mini-golf course. A coat check would be a nice thing to offer.


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