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Black Sheep Pizza & Acme Comedy Co. February 9, 2010

Wednesday (yep – week night out!) February 3, 2010 we met Todd & Patty for a night out in Minneapolis. We had tentative plans to hang out that day when Chris got an email from the Acme Insider announcing “Insider Night” which meant 2 free tickets for each member! Todd & Patty were totally on board and so we each snagged 2 tix for the show. Since you don’t have much of a chance to talk during a comedy show we decided to meet up for dinner at Black Sheep Pizza which is just a few blocks away from Acme.

Chris’s Review
Acme has a good number of free nights during the week available if you join the insider club. We were able to get tickets with a couple of friends, and grabbed dinner at the pretty close, new pizza bar Black Sheep. The brick oven pizza was good, but was maybe a bit too highbrow on the toppings, and not the cheapest either.

Best Part: Great to share a luagh with some friends.

Worst Part: The first comic was almost a total miss, but it didn’t ruin the night. Also, it is a bit tough to talk at Acme… but we had a good chance to catch up at dinner.


Nikki’s Review
It’s always fun to try new restaurants & while the food at Black Sheep was good, I don’t think it was necessarily worth the price. If you’re looking for some unique pizzas, check it out, but arrive early because at 6:45 when we were done there were a lot of people waiting! The comedy show was great – three completely different acts. The first girl was a U of M student & she was very awkward and not very funny. The second girl, Amber Preston, was fantastic – my favorite act of the night. The main act, Henry Phillips, was okay. He presented a lot of his jokes in the form of a song & sometimes that really worked and other times it didn’t seem so great.

Best part of the night: Wedding & honeymoon talk…how can it not be happy?!

Worst part of the night: The opening act. She was very awkward and not funny.

We hope to attend more comedy events in the future. It’s always fun but not necessarily something you think of when looking for something to do!


NOTE: This could be VERY inexpensive if you weren’t drinking. We spent $20 on beer at Acme…leave that out & have an inexpensive dinner and this date could be very frugal but fun!

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