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Last Polaroid Show @ Como Zoo January 14, 2010

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On Sunday, January 10, 2010 we headed over to the Como Zoo to check out an exhibit that Nikki had heard of from MPR’s State of the Arts blog. The Last Polaroid Project exhibit will be at the Como Zoo through Tuesday January 19, 2010.


What is “The Last Polaroid Project”? It is a series of photographs that were taken with a Polaroid camera and then modified before the picture dried completely which makes a super cool look. The original Polaroids were not on display but we did get to see large prints of the results (which were on sale too).


After viewing some of the Conservatory we checked out the exhibit and then we walked around the zoo a bit. It’s a little bit depressing being at a zoo during a MN winter because so many of the animals are inside, but we had a good time checking out the buildings. A lot of the animals were the same ones we recently saw in the wild in Costa Rica: monkeys, sloths, fish and birds.


Chris’s Review
I’ve never been to the zoo in the winter, but it was pretty fun. No one was there, and we were able to walk freely throughout the grounds. We had a good time, but it was a bit depressing for some of the animals… Como seemed much bigger when I went there as a kid.

Best Part: The rainforest area felt amazing on a -5°F afternoon. Just walking somewhere with some humidity was worth it!

Worst part: It was cold enough that EVERY outdoor animal was stuck inside. The zebras, giraffes and gorillas were stuck in their tiny indoor areas. It was a little depressing. One of the giraffes had OCD and just kept licking a piece of wood.

This is a good idea for a cold winter day to get into the rainforest and arboreautem. I would recommend this for a new couple, or anyone looking to get away from the cold for a few hours. On a sunny day it feels amazing in the glass enclosed areas at Como. Como is free year round ($2 suggested donation) and worth seeing in the winter. RATING: 2/5

Nikki’s Review
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the exhibit was smaller than I thought it would be. The images are really neat – it’s fun to think about what the original looked like before it was modified, especially as we were standing in the Conservatory where the photos were taken.

Best part of the date: Being in the Conservatory and at the Zoo brought me right back to our honeymoon in Costa Rica as we stood in the humid/tropical green houses and saw the monkeys!

Worst part of the date: I wish they had displayed one or more of the actual Polaroid photos, but otherwise it was neat to see. As for the Zoo, it was depressing seeing the animals inside in because the outside living appears to be a lot better for them.

I would recommend checking out the Last Polaroid Show IF you’re also interested in spending some time at the Conservatory and Zoo. Otherwise, I think the Como Zoo would be a better date in the summer when all the animals are outside as long as you don’t mind crowds. RATING: 3/5

NOTE: This is marked as free but the Como Zoo recommends an optional $2 donation per adult and $1 per child.

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  1. […] we observed the animals who had a much better environment than the Indoor/Winter accommodations we saw at the Como Zoo. Peacock: Turtle: And then there was a family photo op! We had a dinner and hung out at home […]

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