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A hard puzzle and bad movies January 14, 2010

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Our first official “date night” of 2010 was a little unique in the fact that we ate leftovers and Nikki had to work at 9:45PM, but we still had a good time!

For dinner, we had leftover Pulled Pork from the weekend and (inspired by Metrodome concessions) Chris thought we could turn it into a good meal on a wrap. He sauteed up some onions and green peppers, mixed in the pulled pork and eventually topped it all with some Munster cheese and it was delish! We had a salad on the side and homemade peanut butter cookies for dessert.


After dinner, we got started on the puzzle Chris had purchased at Target. He went a little crazy and picked out a 1000 piece puzzle with lots going on and no real pattern…definitely a good challenge! So, we set up the card table and got started on the border. Meanwhile, we decided to put in a movie to watch while working on the puzzle. Nikki happened to have Camp Cucamonga from NetFlix and since Chris hadn’t seen it (and really wasn’t looking forward to it) this seemed like a great time to watch. Camp Cucamonga was a made for TV movie from 1990 and it’s still as good/bad as it was back then! Of course, Chris got to pick the second movie and he found National Lampoon’s Vacation on the NetFlix Instant View list. By the time Nikki had to start working we had finished 99% of the border and were slowly making progress on the interior parts. Here’s hoping that card table isn’t in our living room for weeks to come!

Chris’s Review
Well, the night was fun, but a 1,000 piece puzzle definitely takes too long for a date ‘night’. Also, it was good to have some distractions in the background since the puzzle was so hard. We ended up watching a made for tv movie from the 90’s, where Urkel was the jock… pretty awesome.

Best part of the night: Having to sit next to each other to be able to work on the card table we had setup, was able to steal a kiss or two when we were working across from each other.

Worst part: Not finishing the puzzle… it took a couple more days to finish, and I kind of gave up. 500 or 750 piece would be a much better idea.

I would recommend this for couples that have been together for a while, and are comfortable with a lazy night in. Definitely get a smaller/easier puzzle. I think having the puzzle finished by the end of the night would have been much better. RATING: 3/5

Nikki’s Review
I was expecting maybe 500 pieces, so when Chris came home with 1000 pieces I knew we were in trouble. We were able to find the border pieces fairly easily & then just started looking for things that were easy to identify. I enjoyed the “bad” movies in the background as a little distraction when the puzzle pieces all started looking the same too.

Best part of the night: Chris’s face when I started singing along with the Camp Cucamonga song! I still maintain that Camp Cucamonga is better than Vacation…but I’m also fairly certain that I’m standing very alone on that. Oh well!

Worst part of the night: Not making very much progress on the puzzle.

This is a perfect date for the middle of Minnesota winters! We’re thinking next time we’ll hit up Savers or Goodwill for a puzzle rather than paying full price at a store like Target ($10) and definitely a smaller puzzle that could possibly be finished in one evening. RATING: 3/5

What do you think? Is this something you would enjoy doing together?

As of 10:00PM CST on Sunday January 10, 2010, Nikki finished the puzzle!!
completed puzzle

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